Pictured Above:  Dork

Pictured Above:  Dork


What the heck is a voice over?

Official Definition:  (noun) 1. A piece of narration in a movie or broadcast, not accompanied by an image of the speaker.

In my humble and incredibly biased opinion, every single piece of media can benefit from a voice over.  With the right voice, a voice over can instantly add a slick, professional feel to any project.  

Where can you hear a voice over?  I've done voice overs for Films, Radio Commercials, Radio Imaging, Television Commercials, Television Imaging, Documentaries, Video Games, Books On Tape, Web Videos, "Explainer" Videos, Company Voicemail, Company Training Videos, Award Shows, PowerPoint Presentations.  

Hey, what would "Shawshank Redemption" be without Morgan Freeman's memorable voice over?


What would "The Wonder Years" be without Daniel Stern's voice over?


Well, it would look like this... Weird, right?



If you scrolled down this far, thanks!  Now, get back to work and keep Klug Productions in mind for your next project.  Have a hell of a day.

- John Klug